Natural fiber logs, for shoreline & streambank protection

Coir log

Coirlogs are cylinder­shape erosion control product which is made of 100% compressed biodegradable coconut fibers in a polymer exterior netting to form a bioengineering solution known as the Coconut Coir Logs, Biodegradable Coir Fiber Logs or Straw Wattles. The flexible structure of Coir Log provide Embankment & Toe Protection whereby it ensures stabilization on stream banks; enhance vegetation while acting as silt check and sediment control tool. It plays a critical role as temporary root support system for plants before they are vegetated and developed a profound natural root system protection.

The Biodegradable Coir Fiber Logs are installation friendly with superior filtration, whereby only minimal skill and training required to achieve biodegradable toe­of­slope protection plus embankment and streambank stabilization. The most common applications of Straw Wattles are for erosion control especially in wildlife habitat, which covered streambank stabilization, channel stabilization, shoreline stabilization, riverbank stabilization, wasteland restoration and so on.

Natural slope and riverbank protection system – coconut coir logs or coir fiber logs