Vegetative wire-mesh container, light-weight & flexible system for flood mitigation and embankment protection

Wire-mesh Container

Fibrocage is a foldable Wire-mesh container that serves as Flood mitigation system and Embankment Protection for slope and stream banks, for either temporary or permanent application. The FibroCage is useful in riverbanks, coastlines and Embankment Protection in such way that diverting rapidly flowing river or stream flow with wire mesh container (also known as cage or basket) that filled with local infill materials. This Flood Mitigation System is made up of numerous cages holding together which make a single large unit. With infill containing earth, sand or rocks, the FibroCage is strong and sturdy over the strong water current and high velocity.

The Wire-mesh container is light weight, flexible and requires only minimal installation effort and its infill materials can be found locally. With vegetation, it is esthetically pleasing and environmental friendly.

Advantages :

  • Easy installation, minimal training requirement for installation
  • Quick and efficient installation, ten times faster than traditional sandbags
  • High tensile and anti-impact capability
  • Long life for regular use
  • Can be connected together to any length, and can be stacked for additional height
  • Filling material is an easily-obtained mix of sand, earth or small stones
  • Low transportation cost, can be shipped and stored as a flat-pack unit
  • Low labor cost, all products are pre-assemble and easy to install
  • Green solution for environment, with capability of natural vegetation on surface compared to traditional gabion


Application :

  • Water courses
  • Coastal defenses
  • Scour protection
  • Emergency flood deployment
  • Erosion and flood control
  • Slope & embankment protection
  • Retaining walls


Fibrocage – galvanised modular welded wire mesh gabion for slope protection