Durable and robust erosion control system – on rocky and unvegetative slope

Soil Retaining System Panel

Soil retaining system panel (Fibrodex) is an octagonal-shape UV stabilized polypropylene module with hassle-free installation, which is an innovative Erosion Control System by fibromat that can be used on slope or flat ground. Due to its unique design, the Fibrodex is multi­functional and capable of reinforcement, suitable for different challenging Soil Erosion Protection application.

Besides Soil Erosion Protection, its unique Cellular Confinement System design and properties enable the system to withstand high loading on ground and chemical corrosion underneath the earth. This revolutionary Erosion Control System can be catered for different construction sites where vegetation is desired. It has better resistance, structural strength and drainage properties that make it outperform other equivalent products.


  • Made from light weight and durable HDPE material
  • Superb chemical and weather resistance with outstanding loading capacity
  • Expected life span is more than 120 years, much superior to galvanized steel material.
  • Modular form minimizes handling and transportation hassle
  • Interlock design enable uniform and quick installation and require lesser tools
  • Unique design that enables confinement of soil thus limit movement of soil



  • Green roof system to confine soil layer and as a medium for vegetation
  • Parking bay to support vehicle loading and minimize damage from the traffic
  • Flat ground to confine soil thus limiting settlement
  • Slope for soil replacement and erosion control purpose


Fibrodex – HDPE modular erosion control system, for your challenging soil erosion protection