PVC Galvanized Gabion and gabion mattress system for slope protection

Gabion And Green Mattress

Gabion refers to PVC coating on zinc coating wire fabric containers that comes in variable sizes with rocks filling to form a permanent structure. And the Green Gabion Mattress, also known as Gabion Mattress System by Fibromat makes a great Earth Retention System caters for slopes erosion control, toe and river bank protection, maximizing permeability on the structure while providing reinforcement and grass establishment.

Fibromate Gabion Mattresses serves as a retaining wall, providing various prevention and protection works such as landslide prevention, erosion and scour protection as well as various type of hydraulic and coastal protection for river, sea and channel protection. This Gabion Mattress System is made up of a specially designed composite in order to maximize its performance through three phases of vegetative process from unvegetated to vegetation establishment up to vegetation maturation.
Advantages :

  • PVC galvanized material designed to withstand chemical and UV weather resistance.
  • Rigid modular design that provide structural stability.
  • Commonly used as retaining structures, toe protection, embankment protection and etc.
  • Engineered to encourage infiltration thus water can be discharged freely
  • With vegetation layer, it also facilitates grass establishment to provide aesthetic outcome.

Application :

  • Embankment protection
  • Slope erosion control
  • Toe protection for slopes
  • Retaining structures
  • Build-up slopes with reinforcement tail

Sturdy & reliable toe protection system – fibromat gabion mattresses