Geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) – the optimum lining solution

Geosynthetic Clay Liner

Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL), also known as Geocomposite Clay Liner consists of two layers of non-woven fabriclike material which incorporates bentonite and needlepunched together to form as a thick layer of blanket, primarily used for the lining of landfills. The Geosynthetic Clay Liner functions like a geomembrane which has a relatively low hydraulic conductivity preventing seepage of contaminants and which, has been widely used as the Landfill Lining System that against fluid or containment. Apart from serving as Landfill cap closures or base liner, theGeocomposite Clay Liner can be configured to meet the specific shear strength and stability to any application including groundwater protection cover, stormwater management ponds and any ponds, dams and so forth.


  • Effective alternative to compacted clay with much larger installation coverage per day.
  • Superior tensile strength and self-healing capability solves cracking and leaking problems.
  • Strong mechanical bond that contributes to extensive shear strength thus provide excellent stability in challenging slope applications.
  • Simple deployment technique that requires no specialist labor and equipment.


  • Landfill base liners
  • Landfill final caps
  • Mining industry
  • Ponds and lagoons
  • Secondary containments
  • Canals

For immediate water proofing lining against liquid, get geosynthetic clay liner.