Turf paver, a practical solution for turf stabilization

Grass Paver

Grass pavers, also known as Turf Pavers or Grass Paving Panel, is made of 100% recycled polypropylene and is mainly used in the construction of grass or gravel access pathways for vehicles and areas such as overflow parking, residential driveways, golf buggy and equestrian dressage arenas and paths, and pleasure craft parking ramps.

Grass Pavers can be easily assembled whereby the flexible connecting grid enables the joints to conform to uneven surfaces. Its lightweight, strong and interlocking structure is able to promote Ground Stabilization and support grass surface more effectively. In addition to that, this Grass Pavers also protect the grass roots and encourages filtration, resulting in a very durable grass pavement.


  • Reduces erosion and soil migration
  • Permeable alternative to asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • Reduces Urban Heat Island Effect
  • Conforms to undulating surfaces
  • Snap-­on connectors ensure modules remain in place
  • Enhances site appearance through restoration of vegetation
  • Rapid installation with minimal installer training
  • Stacking ability reduces storage and storage and transport costs
  • Made from 100% re­-cycled materials
  • Supports Green Building Certification

Grass paver, light­weight HDPE Turf Pavers and Grass Paving Panel