HDPE geomembrane – engineered for various lining applications

HDPE Geomembrane

High Density Polypropylene, or HDPE Geomembrane is largely used at liquid containment area, acting as a liner to prevent seepage loss and contaminants from entering ground. The applications of This HDPE Geomembrane solves the issue of water seeping in or out from the ground such as agricultural ponds, golf courses, canals, tanks, resorts and other recreational applications. Besides, it is also very popular for mining and landfill projects.

There are multiple key benefits for utilizing HDPE Geomembrane such as providing positive water containment, preventing loss of dissolved gas, helping to sustain water quality, improving working environment, establishing Erosion Control, lower maintenance cost, reducing disease risk, managing waste removal, ease harvesting, and also increasing turnaround time between corps. Fibromat, as your HDPE Geomembrane Liner Supplier is able to assist you with projects that for any lining or restoration project.

Key benefits:

  • Provide positive water containment
  • Prevent loss of dissolved oxygen
  • Help sustain water quality
  • Improve working environment
  • Establish erosion control
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Reduce disease risk
  • Manage waste removal
  • Ease harvesting
  • Increase turn-around time between corps

HDPE geomembrane, most suitable for pond and tank lining purpose.