Reinforcing geocomposite, the light-weight soil reinforcement material

High Strength Geocomposite

Soil Reinforcement Geocomposite is a geosynthetic product engineered for separation, filtration and reinforcement applications in one. The Reinforcing Geocomposite is a composite product using high strength tenacity polyester yarns knitted with polyester or polypropylene needlepunched non-woven geotextile. The key features in this Soil Reinforcement Geocomposite are high in tensile strength and tear strength, high in permeability and filtration, excellent wear resistance, low in elongation, and vertical and horizontal deformation of the uniform.

The Reinforcement are formed from alternate yarn stitching stud and bonded to geofabric filters, mainly used for retaining walls, under embankments built over compressible soils, etc. Reinforcing Geocomposite can be added for applications where foundations or soil require strengthening.

Key features:

  • High in tensile strength and tear strength
  • High in permeability and filtration
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Low in elongation
  • Vertical and horizontal deformation of the uniform

Soil reinforcement geocomposite for your road and slope reinforcement application.