Hydroseeding, the best erosion control method used together with erosion control blanket.


Hydroseeding method was widely accepted by, many contractors and landscape engineers due to its high performance. Hydroseeding is a complementary application used together with Erosion Control Blanket. The slurry consists of fertilizer, signal grass seeds, mulching material. Fibromat manufactures Erosion Control Blanket, which consists primarily of organic fibre. It outperforms and is more cost-effective than conventional erosion control methods.

As compared to conventional turfing, Hydroseeding is more effective, installation friendly and it has deeper root zone with better coverage. Employing the most superior Erosion Control Blanket and the quality service. Fibromat is able to provide you with outstanding Slope Protection solution.


  • Used predominantly for erosion control purpose, hydroseeding hold moisture and protect against soil loss from rain through the binding of seed, mulch, tackifiers and other soil conditioners for immediate slope protection.
  • Most economical method of establishing desired turf compare to traditional sodding and hand seeding method.
  • Hydroseeding is much healthier, greener and longer lasting because the root establishment is deeper.
  • Thicker and more uniform coverage that consists of Fibromat Erosion Control Blanket creating the ideal growing environment.
  • Extensive coverage area of more than 10,000 square meter per day with minimum manpower.


  • Residential and commercial landscapes
  • Hillside stabilizations
  • Vegetation restorations
  • Golf courses
  • Landfills
  • Wildfire repairs
  • Mine reclamations

Hydroseeding, effective erosion control solution using organic cellulose mulching material.