Modular underground rainwater harvesting system to solve ground water ponding issue.

Modular Tank

Modular Tank System is a subsurface water infiltration storage tank for stormwater control and management system, and thus, it is also known as the Modular Rainwater Storage / Harvesting System, Underground Tank System and Sub-soil Drainage System in the market. It is efficient, cost effective and ecologically sustainable. The main function of Modular Tank is to allow on-site natural water infiltration and this prevent surface run-off. This Underground Tank System is best applied for flat ground area for rainwater harvesting and stormwater management.

Modular Tank System has unique advantages, such as: high compressive strength allows to be used under trafficable areas, Interlock system that maximize stability and installation, less costly than concrete and metal storage systems, low storage and transportation cost, and it caters for all volume requirements. In addition, this Underground Tank System, offers advantages in assembly of panels and installation of units, no surface water storage hazards, and achieving LEED SS, WE and MR credits and BCA Green Mark points. Overall, Modular Rainwater Storage System is effective and versatile for water storage.


  • High compressive strength allows use under trafficable areas
  • Interlocks vertically and horizontally for maximum stability
  • Less costly than concrete and metal storage systems
  • Low storage and transportation cost
  • Caters for all volume requirements
  • Easy assembly of panels and insallation of units
  • No surface water storage hazards
  • Contributes to achieving LEED SS, WE and MR credits and BCA Green Mark points

Modular tank, the maintenance free and sustainable underground tank system.



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