Giving you a proactive & green approach for Riverbank Erosion Protection

MSE Gabion Wall

Gabion Retaining Walls are retaining walls that are constructed by wire mesh panel with composite materials filled with earth. Gabion Wall System, in many applications, is the most cost-effective structural wall to prevent Slope Erosion as it allows Soil Retaining using in-situ material. MSE Gabion Wall System is specially engineered and pre-fabricated PVC coated wire mesh panel which comprises reinforcing bars, DC400 vegetation layer and erosion control mat, positioned by using brackets. This system is predominantly used for green retaining wall application for Riverbank Erosion Protection.

The gabion panels are available in a range of customized sizes. Flexibility is an important benefit of any gabion structure, which allows it to withstand pressure without deforming, cracking or breaking the Riverbank Erosion Protection System as in the case of concrete and other materials. The ability to allow vegetation on the MSE Gabion Wall makes it environmentally friendly to the river and embankments as it promotes habitat for aquatic plants and creatures.

Advantages :

  • PVC galvanized material designed to withstand chemical and UV weather resistance.
  • Rigid panel design that provide structural stability.
  • Commonly used as retaining structures, embankment protection and etc.
  • Engineered to encourage infiltration thus water can be discharged freely.
  • With vegetation layer, it facilitates grass establishment to provide aesthetic outcome.
  • Cost effective system compare to traditional retaining earth wall.

Application :

  • Embankment protection
  • Slope erosion control
  • Retaining structures
  • Build-up slopes with reinforcement tail

Gabion Retaining Wall System, specially engineered for Permanent Embankment