Customized Silt Fence cater for earthworks applications to protect water quality and sediment control

Silt Fence

Silt Fence is a temporary Sediment Control Fence or Silt Barrier, which is made of geotextile filter fabric that entrenched across to the ground and attached to supporting poles. It is widely used on the construction site primarily to detain sediment¬≠laden water thus promoting sedimentation behind the fence. This Sediment Erosion is commonly applied in areas such as along channels and streams, construction site’s boundary, around temporary spoil areas and stockpiles, toe of erodible and exposed slopes, and below other small cleared areas. As a Silt Fence Supplier, Fibromat is able to provide consultation on how to better apply silt fence to suit your site.

Some of this Sediment Control Fence key functions are to reduce erosion, reduce runoff velocity, promote sheet flow, retain transported sediment on the site and enhance water quality. The advantages in utilizing the Silt Barrier are cost effectiveness, installation­friendly, no special skills required, widely accepted and proven practice, effectiveness, which is better than other methods. Fibromat is the one Silt Fence Supplier who commits to provide a complete solution that has been widely accepted in both local and international markets.


  • Along channels and streams
  • Along the construction site’s boundary
  • Around temporary spoil areas and stockpiles
  • Toe of erodible and exposed slopes
  • Below other small cleared areas

Key Functions:

  • Reduce erosion
  • Reduce runoff velocity
  • Promote sheet flow
  • Retain transported sediment on the site
  • Enhance water quality


  • Cost effective
  • Installation friendly
  • No special skills required
  • Widely accepted and proven practice
  • Effectiveness is better than other methods

Silt Fence, simple yet effective Silt Barrier & Sediment Control Fence