Soil Stabilizer with advanced ground treatment technology

Soil Stabilizing agent

Soil Stabilization technology is a common practice in Road Stabilization to improve soil strength by modifying the engineering propertiesof the soil itself. Soil Stabilization Technology is engineered for soft ground treatment using chemical compound. It is effective, fast and required minimum skill during the installation process. Soil Stabilizer uses premix chemical compound so that soft grounds are able to develop high loading strength after installation.

Today, the role of Soil Stabilizer is essential in construction industry because it has helped many organizations in maintaining and improving their infrastructure and Road Stabilization.
Advantages :

  • Improve problematic soil conditions with frequent rainfall, high water table, lack of good and economical construction material, and unsuitable, weak, peaky, or swampy soils
  • Less dust and mud free throughout construction period
  • Exceptional solid hard sub-base that enable to withstand high loading
  • High productivity compare to traditional sub-base stabilization method
  • Require less maintenance while providing excellent life span after construction
  • Providing clean and safe access that suits most of the road and ground stabilization requirements

Application :

  • Rural roads
  • Ports and shipyards
  • Airport aprons and runways
  • Taxiways and parking aprons
  • Highways
  • Heavy traffic road

Soil Stabilization Technology ­ comprehensive & effective way for Road Stabilization