Turf Reinforcement Mattress protecting soil from erosion for high velocity rivers

Turf Reinforcement Mattress

Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRM) utilize synthetic and natural materials to enhance the natural ability of vegetations for Permanent Erosion Protection purposes. Turf Reinforcement Mattress is comprised of a permanent Рhigh strength three­dimensional matting structure incorporated with coconut fiber, designed to stay in place permanently to protect soil from erosion.

This matrix­like product composed of biodegradable natural fibre, nets, and/or placed other elements over bare soil areas. The unique Turf Reinforcement Mattress design is able to entrap fine sediments and reduce water velocity, which is applicable for Permanent Erosion Protection, channel and diversion ditch protection, and stream bank protection. Besides, Turf Reinforcement Mats protect vulnerable slopes while promoting the establishment of natural vegetation, which creates natural and aesthetically pleasing landscape.


  • Easier to install than rock or concrete and no heavy equipment required
  • Functioning as a natural filter for runoff water by allowing infiltration, entrapping sediments and absorbing harmful pollutants
  • Need little maintenance other the periodic mowing. Rock riprap collects trash, supports weed growth and requires special attention when mowed around
  • Provide a flexible lining that won’t crack and deteriorate like concrete
  • Creating a more natural, aesthetically pleasing and ecologically functional “green” landscape. Rock eventually harbor undesirable wildlife

The effective solution for Permanent Erosion Protection